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Under the Surface (The Plagues)


Sometimes in our ‘comfort’ of Christianity, or in recognizing the scandal of God’s grace, it is easy to forget that God is not just a lover, but a judge. Through the signs and wonders imposed on the oppressive empire of Egypt, we see a God whose judgement doesn’t need to punish but simply reveals evil for what it truly is.

When that staff strikes you, what will rise to the surface?

(Exodus 6:1-10:29)

Take the Call (The Calling of Moses)


When forced to respond to the call of God upon each of our lives, whether that moment is a “burning bush” or a simple recognition of the people and/or places that God has entrusted to us, there is a natural anxiety and fear that can so easily paralyze us. Moses felt this, and God like a expert prosecutor nailed him to the stand with questions that challenged the way he saw himself, and that which he had in his hands.

Because there is a big difference between hearing the call and taking the call.

(Exodus 4:1-17)

Take Your Mat


Sometimes the idea is perpetuated that we should bring our troubles, frustrations, and fears to Jesus so that he will just get rid of them, the evidence to never be seen again. While Jesus’ heart is always for our healing, what if he actually desires to breathe life into our pain and give it purpose, commanding us, like he did the paralytic to take your mat home so that the story of your transformation might then have the power to heal others.

Will you bring your mat to Jesus, and will you take it home?

(Mark 2:1-12)

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking (aka glossophobia) is one of the most regularly identified fears among humankind with many people ranking it of higher concern to them than the fear of death!

Stage Fright

The eyes. The eyes say everything.

For the huge proportion of people who suffer from it, whether mild or severe, we know the signs and symptoms: increased heart rate, memory loss, moisture being absorbed from the mouth to magically reappear in the form of profusely sweating armpits. For me, it was that my hands would shake as if I was holding a jackhammer. At times it felt frustratingly irrational, my brain would look down at and scream, “STOP SHAKING!!” all to no avail.

Ah, but did you notice the subtle change in tense? WAS.

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The *Doof Doof* of Decision


We often find ourselves caught in the space between opportunity and action: the *doof doof* of decision, whether that feeling is an anxious heartbeat, or the sound of seconds ticking away. In these moments it is worth revisiting two simple yet profound questions that can ultimately change the trajectory of your life:

Who are you listening to?” and “Are you really listening?

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