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The Death Lane (Jesus’ Baptism)


When you look at the facts, Jesus’ baptism is a strange story. The only person who doesn’t need to participate in a baptism of repentance, insists that he needs to. Why? Because God was doing something new in the world, momentum was building, the Kingdom of God was near, and Jesus wanted in on the action. If we are serious about imitating Jesus, we need to step in so that God can step us up, even if it means risking the death lane.

Where has the Holy Spirit been silent for too long?

(Matthew 3:1-16)

Release Your Grip (Baptism)


Baptism isn’t a graduation ceremony for when you have reached some spiritual level of expertise, it is the first step obedience to Jesus, a public declaration of him as Lord and Saviour. Excuses abound among Christians for not getting baptised, most commonly “I don’t feel ready” or “I’m too ready“. This message is all about releasing your grip of fear or pride, getting off the chariot and taking the plunge.

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