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I’ve Got This (Crossing the Red Sea)

No video this time around. In Alice Springs the latest technology isn’t exactly the priority! Nevertheless, I hope that God can speak through what is one of my favourite sermons that continues to encourage me every time I share it. – G.

There are times in life when we find ourselves surrounded by pressure on all sides, and as anxiety emerges, just like the Israelites, in our desperation we often cry out. The temptation toward flight or fight is very real, and yet the three voices in the desert demonstrate a surprisingly different way of depending on God and trusting in his providence.

(Exodus 14:10-25)

Phone Troubles (Psalm 22)

No video this time around. In Alice Springs the latest technology isn’t exactly the priority! – G.

We often don’t like to admit it, but prayer can be hard. This is especially true when there are barriers that are standing in the way of our relationship with God. The psalmist knows these barriers all too well, and isn’t afraid to declare it – yet when we look at how Jesus prayed, we can learn what it looks like to overcome these barriers and restore the connection.

It’s ok to be there, but God didn’t create you to stay there.

(Psalm 22 & Luke 5:15-16)

The Necessary Encounter (Writing on the Wall)


Most encounters we have with God are a source of delight and inspiration, but there is a type of encounter that can be very scary. These encounters are a response to those parts of our life that we would rather remain hidden, the known but denied. Nevertheless, the necessary encounter is the act of a loving God to confront us about those things that will, if left unaddressed, lead us toward destruction.

What is God writing on your wall?

(Daniel 5:11-31)

The Unexpected Encounter (Balaam’s Donkey)


Each of us carry a certain set of assumptions about how God might encounter us. These assumptions become a box that limit our ability to recognize who God may want to speak through or how he may do it. In order to break this box we need to learn to expect the unexpected. If God can “open the mouth of the ass” then he can surely use anyone and anything to get our attention.

(Numbers 22:15-33)

Imitation Provides Traction (Paul and Timothy)


There can be a frustration that arises around sharing the gospel, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like we get traction in people’s lives – the story doesn’t stick. When we look at the relationship between Paul and Timothy we recognise that good information and permission for innovation aren’t enough, because it is imitation that gives traction to multiplication. Otherwise we may just end up doing burnouts in front of police stations.

(1 Timothy 4:12-16)

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