I’ve Got This (Crossing the Red Sea)

No video this time around. In Alice Springs the latest technology isn’t exactly the priority! Nevertheless, I hope that God can speak through what is one of my favourite sermons that continues to encourage me every time I share it. – G.

There are times in life when we find ourselves surrounded by pressure on all sides, and as anxiety emerges, just like the Israelites, in our desperation we often cry out. The temptation toward flight or fight is very real, and yet the three voices in the desert demonstrate a surprisingly different way of depending on God and trusting in his providence.

(Exodus 14:10-25)

About Gavin Brown

I am a Youth Pastor working with students in Alice Springs, the heart of Australia. I have a passion for discipleship, equipping people to discover, live out, and multiply their faith every day, while simultaneously attempting to navigate the unique subculture of being a nerd that loves extreme sports.

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